Software Development

Glyphs (2016–): Maintain mature codebase and develop new features for one of the world’s leading type design applications on macOS. Wrote custom Git client tailored to Glyphs file format. Communication with users such as leading MA Typeface Design programme at University of Reading. → Website

Ensto Network Automation Demonstrator (2015): Custom iPad app for trade show demonstrations, written in Swift. Modelling of flows and switches in electrical power grid. Interactive visualization of network and switch gear using SpriteKit. Branding according to corporate design guidelines. → Screencast

ATLAS.ti (2013–): Help port a long-standing scientific software from Windows to OS X in a distributed engineering team. Architect and implement annotated text display using WebKit, bridging between JavaScript and Objective-C. Coordinate development. → Website

Eigenland (2011–): In-house software for a strategic discovery process. Statistics calculation, print-ready PDF generation, topography simulation including randomized river flow. iPad app. → Website

BasisBibel (2011–2018): Everything from UI design to SQLite full-text search and HTML/CSS/Javascript for text display. Essential algorithms ported from PHP to Objective-C/Cocoa. Universal for iPhone/iPad. → App Store

Fußwegplaner (2011): Parents and their children can plan the walk to school and learn about traffic hazards. Javascript/jQuery, Google Maps API, lots of geometry algorithms. → Website

itempus (2010–2011): UI design and implementation, custom controls, event display algorithms and a custom Core Text framesetter. → App Store

Olympic Winter Games application Munich 2018 (2009): Developed software to generate an individual snow crystal for every person on the planet. (See entry under Graphic Design below.) → Screencast

Kaleidotype (2001–2005): Award-winning Mac app for creating typographical ornaments. Note: This was released in 2005, but a new version is in the works. → Details, → Website

Graphic Design

Olympic Winter Games application Munich 2018 (2009): Created a unique brand. (See entry under Software Development above.)

BURG (2010–2013): 3D visualization of trade show booths and key visuals.

Hilfe für Brüder (2008): Refreshed existing logo. → Website